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    RCI Weeks vs. RCI Points

In general, RCI Points and RCI Weeks memberships will be similar, and from SmartShare.com they are generally priced 50% or more below retail.

Maintenance fees:
Weeks and RCI Points have comparable maintenance fees because both are tied to a given unit in your home resort which, by the way, you never have to visit if you don't want to.

Weeks Usage:
Weeks Timeshare owners can use their own units each year or Deposit their Week into RCI (or other exchanges)

Points Purchases and Weeks Exchanges:
Most weeks owners must use an entire week each year, or roll a week over to the following year. RCI Week Exchanges and RCI Points Purchases can be done by phone or online, and the process is relatively easy either way. RCI Points members have the added flexibility of booking a single night or a month, or even using their points for other vacation items.

Unit size:
RCI Points members can choose any size unit, as long as they have enough points, and a unit is available. Weeks owners typically have a set unit size to choose from when arranging their travel.

Points members can reserve a week in any season as long as they have enough points, but availability is first-come first-served. You may find less availability during peak seasons. As a weeks member, your week is typically reserved for a set season or week every year, but you can deposit it and exchange it for a different week.

Bonus weeks:
These weeks are available to both RCI exchange members (weeks owners) and RCI Points members, But RCI Points members may use as little as 9500 points to book within a 45 day window.

Forced Vacation:
Many Timeshare owners rely on timeshares for a 'forced' vacation. Since they have paid for the timeshare and its annual fees, they need to use it or lose it. RCI Points are by nature more flexible. For some this is a drawback.

Bottom Line?
As you can see, RCI Points have more flexibility than RCI Weeks, but if you find a resort you want to use most of the time, then the additional.


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