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Worldmark® by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest®)
Why Buy Ownership in Worldmark® by Wyndham

Visitors to smartshare.com are typically well educated concerning Timeshares, in general; and/or Worldmark by Wyndham Timeshares, in particular. You have probably decided that buying timeshare ownership through Worldmark will offer expanding and exciting vacation opportunities, will build wonderful lasting memories and will help maintain strong family relationships.

Purchasing through SmartShare.com, can also save you thousands of dollars!

VIEW OUR “Worldmark by Wyndham” INVENTORY HERE

Other Benefits to Buying Timeshare Ownership through Worldmark by Wyndham include:

  • Time is precious. You can never buy time back!
  • You will own something that never wears out--unlike everything else!
  • What will your car be worth in 10 years?
  • Compare to a hotel, where you only get rent receipts...
  • Not just a hotel room, but a nice condominium.
  • You won't be paying inflated prices in the future!
  • Unlike hotel rooms, there are no extra charges for extra people.
  • What a great gift to pass on!
  • You can use Bonus Time, and take even more vacation!
  • Worldmark Timeshare Ownership protects your future vacations, so that at the last minute you don't feel the financial crunch and decide to stay home.

When you choose to buy Worldmark by Wyndham timeshare ownership through www.smartshare.com you are paying .80 per credit instead of $1.95 per credit, making a great deal even better! Why?

Let's say you purchase 8,000 credits @ .80 per credit = $6,400.00. Over a sixteen year period (this is just for illustration, your Membership is for life!) your Annual Maintenance Fee (currently $525.00 per year) may total $8,400.00. If you use Bonus Time four times a year, you can effectively erase the annual maintenance fee, as you will have saved at least the equivalent. Thus your total cost over the sixteen years (again, your membership is for life) is just your original $6,400.00! This means you are only paying $400.00 per year for sixteen years. ($6,400.00/16=$400.00) The numbers get better the longer you own!

Now, on any vacation you will spend at least $400.00 per year regardless, but for what? Small hotels or motels? Why endure the noise and traffic when you can experience what vacations were intended to be--Fun and restful retreats that you and your family will really enjoy and look forward to! With Worldmark, there's no way you won't go because the places they offer are incredible. Again, you can never buy back lost time, but you can secure it for the future. You'll have endless fun building precious memories with friends and family. How do you put a price tag on that?

Note that Worldmark by Wyndham is often misspelled as Worldmark by Windham. Note also that Worlcmark the Club is not set up the same as Worldmark by Wyndham.

VIEW OUR “Worldmark by Wyndham” INVENTORY HERE



Worldmark by Wyndham

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