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Selling Timeshare FAQ
Types of Timeshare Resorts and Determining the “Resale Price”
  1. TYPICAL RESORTS: This includes at least 95% of timeshares that can viably be resold. The maximum resale prices average approximately 10% to 25% of the developer new price.
  2. SPECIAL RESORTS: This includes Marriott, Hilton, Trendwest, Four Seasons, and other major names where in addition to timeshare benefits, the owner can use credits for other things such as airline tickets, or accommodations in the chain's hotels worldwide. These special types of units typically resell for 20% to 40% of the developer new price.
  3. MEXICAN RESORTS: Depends on the city, but resale prices are typically slightly lower than category one above, and since the right to use is for a number of years, when the end is near the price drops dramatically.
  4. LITTLE OR NO DEMAND: There is very little demand for Studio Units (no private bedroom), or for Off-Season (Non Red) weeks. The honest truth is these can be nearly impossible to sell. Don't focus on "what you will get out of it", rather, focus on " what you are getting out of", which is the maintenance fees and taxes which go on forever. Even if you net zero on the sale, focus on the thousands of dollars you'll retain over a few years by enjoying NOT having to pay out further ongoing maintenance costs!!
Straight talk for SERIOUS Sellers

Since our only business is timeshare resale's, we know that the above pricing estimates are accurate. So we duteously caution sellers:

  • If you encounter companies proposing substantially higher prices, examine their motive, no matter how impressive the company or sales pitch seems to be.
  • Is their only motive, like ours, to sell your timeshare?
  • Could they be trying to make the price enticing enough to extract some sort of advance fee from you?
  • We're confident you will find there is some other motive! Most typically the motive is to derive a fee to be paid by you in advance of the sale.
  • Such fees could include: upfront listing fees, appraisal fees, or referral fees paid back to the timeshare company from the appraisal company.
  • It is a fact that we sell a high percentage of our listings if they are listed at prices competitive with other sellers.
  • Realize that in spite of our recommendations, most sellers overprice their listing to begin with. They won't sell, so don't take comfort in the many high prices you will see - but rather, think like a buyer and ask which listing would you buy?
  • Because the competition for buyers is so severe, we suggest sellers price at their firm lowest acceptable price, because wisely setting a price is different for a timeshare than it is for a house:
  • Unlike a timeshare, a house is individually unique and irreplaceable, so the seller commonly starts high, and then plans to come down later if needed.
  • But since timeshares are in such abundance, Internet buyers simply search for the lowest price and buy it.
  • The over-priced owner will simply be repeatedly passed-by and never see an offer.

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